best high class expensive luxury beautiful italian dog tooth ties blue silver


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Blue and Silver Dog Tooth Ties

Add some colour and style to your wardrobe with this superb blue and silver dog tooth tie. What makes this blue and silver necktie a high quality design is the combination of rich colours with expensive woven silk.

 high end classy amazing awesome rich opulent upscale english silk dog tooth tie blue silver

Dog Tooth Ties in Blue and Silver

Designer brands do not offer the same price of quality as our blue and silver dog tooth ties. We strive to be different by offering exclusive patterns which make you stand out.

We sell in over 100 countries worldwide thanks to the free shipping we offer. These beautiful designer neckties have been sent to London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh numerous times. If you are looking for a new, dapper addition to your wardrobe then we would suggest this dog tooth tie in blue and silver.

 dog tooth ties blue silver



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