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( $69.00 US about £49 GB ) Price Including Worldwide Delivery

Designer Neckties in Bronze

You will certainly get the compliments with one of these exquisite designer ties in silk. A unique pattern thanks to the bold and rich colours used. We have been fortunate to have many worldwide customers return to our online store because of the high quality finished feel in each of our bronze designer ties.

upscale high end luxurious 100% silk tie neckties ties in bronze

Bronze Ties sent to Europe

Bring a touch of subtle elegance to your attire with one of our bronze ties. The beautiful colours will help to create a powerful shine from afar. The use of intricately woven silk will help you to tie a perfect knot every time.

Other designer brands do not have the same cutting edge as our bronze neckties. It is the attention to detail which sets us apart. With free worldwide delivery, customers from Zurich, Copenhagen and Dublin have bought these designer ties in bronze.

designer ties in bronze



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