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Beautiful Bow Ties and Pocket Squares

We price our upmarket bow tie collection in US dollars as we have international sales all over the world and most people understand the US Dollar against their own currency.


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We work hard by making the designs for men who only want the best and buy the most luxurious bow ties. Our designs are very reasonably priced due to the high quality silk in our expensive bow ties.

We have sold our mens bow ties in Australia New Zealand Canada South Africa Singapore Hong Kong Macau as well as all across Europe. In fact we now sell to well over 100 countries. NEW YORK & LONDON is the two bases which we send our luxury bow ties.


Expensive Bow Ties For Executives

Our upscale bow ties and pocket squares are probably better quality than almost all other of the finest bow ties for executives.

The luxury fabrics and patterns are designed in London to retain a classic English look with rich strong colors infused into them. We make the most intricate designs which creates some of the most powerful bow ties that really get NOTICED!.

Please take the time to support our brand by bookmarking us, or even better follow us on Google+ & Facebook, where we launch our luxury bow ties almost every week now. Our beautiful bow ties are usually worn by successful & affluent people who enjoy being noticed for wearing our luxury bow ties.


Exclusive Bow Ties and Pocket Squares

We aim to emulate a fine luxury tie company like Marinella ties who offer quality bow ties and pocket squares.

Our exclusive bow ties are much sought after by top CEO business men, Lawyers, Accountants, and for very high class weddings. We have a HUGE amount of repeat clients who often buy 3 - 10 of our expensive bow ties.

We do not adverties our high end bow ties at the present time as most of our business comes from recommendations. We keep our ideas fresh and limit the amount of handmade bow ties per design that are available for sale worldwide.

By following this business model it keeps our stunning bow ties more exclusive and makes your purchase more rare & valuable over time. For your perusal, we have taken quite a long time to develop these luxury bow ties.


Finest Bow Ties For Weddings

Almost half of our business comes from women buying our luxury bow ties as a gift or for their wedding.

Women seem to have a superior eye when it comes to putting colors and patterns together as well as knowing well made luxury clothing products, In fact half of our customers are women whom buy as a gift.

We are always creating the most amazing bow ties. Many companies and individuals from around the world buy our gorgeous bow ties for VIPs and expensive corporate gifts. We want to work hard to offer luxury bow ties similar to barneys who have a very good collection of luxury bow ties and pocket squares.



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