best finest upscale expensive beautiful luxury silk ties for businessmen and executives

Silk Ties Made for TV & Film

We are always on the look to advance our designs and our exclusive collection of the best neckwear for men has garnered inspiration from all mediums.

We have done extensive research into different countries' individual style as well as other famous designers with their previous collections. It has been inspiring as well to see our hard work pay off with some of our best necktie designs even making it into TV shows and films such as Law & Order!

 best expensive exclusive luxury beautiful designer ties for TV Films

Another of our best silk ties for businessmen and executives is featured below, it is a classic example of our work. You will easily notice the quality of the woven silk in the tie as it presents that extra sheen. Even the width of the squares are calculated to keep that corporate look. Many bankers and lawyers have enquired about this design because of it's boldness.

Beware The Quality Claims

Quite often many of the silk ties online are often the poorest quality ties claiming to be the best. In some instances, this is applicable to some of the best branded designer ties too. It is no secret anymore that the top designer brands often farm out new products to armies of cheap off shore designers.

Even the most expensive branded designer ties are no longer made by individual boutiques. These household names are now run as corporations that care more amount the numbers it is generating and where to cut costs rather than produce exquisite products.

  best expensive exclusive luxury beautiful designer ties for TV Films

We feel that some of the worst claims, are the "MADE IN ITALY" labels. You are expecting some of the best $300 ties to be made of the finest quality yet you will be able to feel the poor quality once received. You are affectively paying over the top for the name not the actual quality. These items are usually just assembled in Italy to loosely get away with the claim

The Promise

Another of our best ties for men is this amazing bronze necktie above, which is actually better looking in real life. The silk makes the colors shimmer when viewed from a distance especially if it catches the natural light. The subtle white and blue colors will come to live and present a new level of richness.



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