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Best Ties In The World

I am in the process of creating one of the best necktie stores online. Each silk tie will look sleek and stylish. With constant improvements, these will become some of THE BEST TIES IN THE WORLD! We want you to browse our stunning silk ties and enjoy the experience without those really annoying adverts and offers most websites have. We do not advertise ourselves at the moment as we get most of our business from personal recommendations from our affluent & successful clients.

This is one of our best silk ties and is a perfect example of our English style because we have infused it with the most powerful and rich colours we can find. It goes without saying that we use the finest materials available. We like all our best neckties to make a statement so that they attract confident and successful people to wear our luxurious ties.

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Best Designer Ties

When received, you will notice the stunning finish on our designer ties as we only use the best silk materials available. They help to create a good inner lining which gives our powerful ties some weight and feel. On the back of our silk neckties is just as important as the front. Its the smallest of details that really make the biggest difference therefore we have paid special attention to the label and spade of the silk tie as well.

Due to the popularity of the pattern, we have remade one of the best silk tie designs into 3 other colours :

• Burgundy Red and Gold Tie

• Royal Green and Gold Tie

• Black and Gold Tie

Our amazing silk ties have sold tremendously well globally as well as domestically with customers from countries as far as Canada Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and all across Europe. We often put new silk ties online to keep our exclusive collection alive and original. It seems to be working as we have a very high number of repeat orders. As soon as our customers are able to examine the luxury product in person they will be very satisfied with our attention to detail in all our best ties for men.

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Neckties For Groomsmen

We had a customer who wanted a large number of our best designer ties for groomsmen, they purchased 14 neckties of the same design! so they could have a vert smart look for the wedding.

They were so pleased with the quality and colour that they ordered a further 14 of our best ties in paisley for the evening event and as a gift to each of them. This beautiful tie in black and gold to the right is a perfect example of elegance and high quality.

It might come as a surprise but we also have many women purchase some of our best silk ties for their partners too for special occasions. They will often buy neckties that their men would not normally purchase. However after wearing and receiving compliments from other people regarding the tie they are wearing they tend to change their style.

Our ideas and inspirations are born out of hard work and dedication. We have been able to create the best designer ties that look elegant and expensive by giving off that rich, exclusive look.

We have been very fortunate to sell our silk neckties for corporate events too - including a Gambling Casino event in Macau. The director personally emailed us requesting a purchase of more than 40 of best gold ties.

Wedding Ties

When it comes to your special day, the groom and groomsmen will all be in their finest attire however to really compliment the outfit, you will need the best neckties that really gets noticed! .

People can tell the difference between a cheap necktie and well made one. Women in particular can tell the two apart. They tend to have that extra sense for noticing beautiful colours and amazing patterns.

Another one of our best ties is on the left is a very popular design in green and purple. When it comes to wedding planning, the bride and groom will often spend a lot of time researching even the smallest item to try to find the best products.

Often it will need to match in with what she will be wearing or somewhere close. As a result it is really important to get the finer details right. To date, our best sale was to a couple having their wedding in Canada. We sell quite a lot of our men's neckties in Canada.

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Beware The Quality Claims

Quite often many of the silk ties online are often the poorest quality ties claiming to be the best. In some instances, this is applicable to some of the best branded designer ties too. It is no secret anymore that the top designer brands often farm out new products to armies of cheap off shore designers.

Even the most expensive branded designer ties are no longer made by individual boutiques. These household names are now run as corporations that care more amount the numbers it is generating and where to cut costs rather than produce exquisite products.

We feel that some of the worst claims, are the "MADE IN ITALY" labels. You are expecting some of the best $300 ties to be made of the finest quality yet you will be able to feel the poor quality once received. You are affectively paying over the top for the name not the actual quality. These items are usually just assembled in Italy to loosely get away with the claim

The Promise

We always use the best silk materials available. We will always try to improve our designs. We are always seeking to improve our mens ties which is why we maintain creative control and not let accounts run our company.

The design process take precedence over cost. It has been known to be a huge problem with fake designer ties being offered on websites such as EBay and Amazon.

Many of the best branded designer ties such as Zegna, Countess Mara, Jos A Banks, Robert Talbot, Duchamp, Charvet, Napoli are offered and are not what they seem. We sell our luxury neckties on our website therefore you can be sure that you will receive excellent quality every time.

 best beautiful expensive designer ties Robert Talbot Duchamp Charvet Countess Mara Jos A Banks

Silk Ties Made for TV & Film

We are always on the look to advance our designs and our exclusive collection of the best neckwear for men has garnered inspiration from all mediums.

We have done extensive research into different countries' individual style as well as other famous designers with their previous collections. It has been inspiring as well to see our hard work pay off with some of our best necktie designs even making it into TV shows and films such as Law & Order!

Image Always Matters

In the words of Tom Ford, "Dressing well is a form of good manners". It is important you take your appearance seriously whether you are dressing for the office, a night out or special occasion.

Many of the best lawyers, doctors and accountants dress to a high standard every day. You can achieve this being electing for a well made suit and tie combination. With hundreds of beautiful silk ties on offer, there is plenty of selection for your style choice we hope to emulate the best italian tie brands.

 best expensive exclusive luxury beautiful designer ties

Neckties For Lawyers and Executives

My main ambition when starting this company was to target my audience towards the higher end of the market with luxurious tie designs. I try to make them as beautiful as possible with for our successful, affluent customers by offering rich, bold colours combined with intricate patterns.

Another of our best silk ties for men is featured below, it is a classic example of our work. You will easily notice the quality of the woven silk in the tie as it presents that extra sheen. Even the width of the squares are calculated to keep that corporate look. Many bankers and lawyers have enquired about this design because of it's boldness.

 best upscale luxury beautiful expensive ties

Another of our best ties for men is this amazing bronze necktie above, which is actually better looking in real life. The silk makes the colours shimmer when viewed from a distance especially if it catches the natural light. The subtle white and blue colours will come to live and present a new level of richness.

Women tend to notice the small details and have the ability to coordinate colours very well. Many of whom have become huge repeat customers when buying ties for their other half. All our finest silk ties are offered at a very reasonable price which is a major pull factor for exclusive collection of men's neckwear. As the collection is so unique, numerous clients tend to purchase 6-10 of our designs on their first order as they are spoilt for choice and we beat most of the best ties in silk.

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