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Luxury Silk Ties

We sell luxury ties, bow ties and pocket squares sold in $US DOLLARS which includes FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE. We create beautiful ties in amazing patterns and offer our expensive ties online here. We sell mens ties for weddings and customers who like the best ties with vivid colors. All are expertly crafted so please peruse our luxury silk ties, bow ties and pocket squares.

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For luxury ties our price and quality beat most mens necktie stores in New York Washington Boston Chicago Las Angeles San Diego USA as well as many countries around the globe. It is a strong belief, by this up and coming fashion designer, that quality should never be compromised thats why we make the best luxury neckties for men.

All of our exclusive ties are intricately handcrafted from woven material and never printed. The small touch adds a level of elegance when worn by the most fashionable men. You will not only notice the small details but the knowledge that you can't find in similar is also very pleasing of our high end ties We have a very large choice for those men who want the very best in weddings ties.

With an assortment of colours, and patterns our upscale ties for men will match any suit, shirt, trousers or look, you will not be disappointed with some of the best ties online and a very large selection on offer. Our luxury silk ties are available at a very reasonable price online for people who only want to wear the best designer clothing.

George sets himself high standards of craftsmanship for all of his menswear collections and his luxury ties are no exception. His stunning range of exclusive silk ties and elegant bow ties would make for the most opulent accessory for any gentleman.

Beautiful Bow Ties & Pocket Squares

Each of his expensive bow ties is unique and made from the highest quality silk which is only further boasted by a glorious selection of designer colours. So why not broaden your dress sense and lend your beautiful suits some sartorial kudos from the our collection a luxury bow tie and pocket square.

Dress to impress with a classic stripe, or add an edgy twist to your well cut suit with one of our beautiful bow ties and poclet squares to really show off your personal styling capabilities. Invest well in your designer wardrobe and buy quality as it will be the finer details that will really turn heads. The complete collection of luxurious bow ties in silk is currently in production and will be available for purchase soon.

We are a luxury tie brand is not just limited to just the United Kingdom and has expanded to numerous countries around the world with thanks to his extensive ability to speak different languages.

He often travels abroad to help promote our expensive tie brand whilst searching for inspiration for our next collection of luxury ties for businessmen and executives. We also offer the entire collection of luxury ties on sale @ Luxury Tie Store. They can also be viewed here so please take your time viewing our finest bow ties, pocket squares and luxury ties.



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